Open source projects

We love open source software and most of our solutions are based on open source products. Open source software provides a jumpstart in developing applications and accelerating time to delivery. It also enables organizations to benefit from the innovation, expertise and support of a larger community. In adition to that it is allways possible to freely customize software applications to fit specific business requirements.
We are proud members of open source projects and the aim is allways to contribute our innovation back to the community.
In this way everyone benefits!

Big thanks to all open source project that are used when building our solutions.

As developers today, we stand on the shoulders of giants.
By building applications on top of open source components, we can spend our valuable time innovating rather than reinventing the wheel.

Our Github projects

Our course material and solutions that are not included in any existing open source projects are hosted on GitHub.
Feel free to use them and distribute them in any way you desire.

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Jenkins Deployment as Code is a complete Jenkins environment with plugins and all configuration stored as code, hosted inside a Docker container. Built with instant deployment, scalability and testability in mind.
Simple to learn, deploy and use.

JDasC on GitHub

Global Jenkins pipeline library

This library is desined to be integrated with multiple Jenkins instances and extend the built in DSL support. It contains code examples for building completely code based pipelines jobs, creating global variables for code reuse, Groovy methods and other usefull stuff.

Jenkins global-lib on GitHub

If you need any help deploying or using these projects in your company please contact us