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After each course you will get your project on an Amazon server and 1 year of free usage*

Jenkins 2.x

Jenkins has for a long time been a favorite automation server. Now with the 2.x releases and Configuratio as Code it is simpler than ever to create dynamic and scalable automation pipelines. Level up your automation skills with this crash course that covers creation of both basic and advanced automation pipelines.

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DevOps as Code

DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together through the entire development process. Learn how to streamline the software deployment process by fully automating integration, test and deployment with help of dynamic and scalable infrastructure.

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In order to understand what is happening in fully automated DevOps pipelines it is essential to have access to data. It is all about collecting logs and indexing millions of documents for quick search, so that it is possible to analyse and visualize the overall state and the limitations of the deployment pipeline.

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