Our goal

We are a digital technology company with a goal to transform the traditional software deployment strategies in order to accelerate software development.

Our focus is on supporting organization to more efficiently produce and deliver code by providing them with support, education and complete solutions within the area of software develoment, test, automation, Continous Integration/Deployment, infrastructure provisoning, BigData management and analytics.

We are tool experts and know what the open source community and commercial vendors have to offer. Good tools enable us to build systems and automate processes that were unthinkable before. But tools are only tools and a cornerstone when building our solutions is People over Process over Tools. Our tools and solutions are primarily made for serving people and solving problems, not the other way around.

Our clients have a high level of technical kompetence and are driven by development within their area. In many cases they have a clear picture off what they want to achieve and employ us to get an comprehensive view of what architecture and solutions are best suited for their specific scenarios.

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